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My Teaching Philosophy 

   I have a passion for teaching as well as performing. My teaching philosophy is deeply and heavily rooted in technique; ballet specifically, and I value pushing my students to exceed their personal level. I believe in flexibility as much as I believe in strength. I believe in discipline, as well as love when it comes to my students. I foster students through correct engagement, positive attitude, and explorative needs. I believe every dancer should come seeking to better themselves, not against others; although I do also believe in creating a supportive collaborative environment. I think education and improv are essential just as much as my feedback to the students. Knowing the terms and vocabulary, and the pioneers of dance makes a better dancer. My goal is to make students understand dance and discover their own voice in creation and personal growth.
     I also believe in various educational tools, allowing my students to at times “teach.” They should understand the meaning of certain words/phrases, as well as spelling, documenting, and creating works. They should know names of important figures in the dance world and basic anatomy so they can take care of their own needs and body fatigue.

     Listening and asking questions is essential in my classes and I believe every individual has the right to create; no matter who you are, what you look like, any disability, etc. and everyone should feel enabled to do so. I believe in positivity and Good Samaritan rules. I want my students to not just be dancers, but artists, educators, and philanthropists for future generations.

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