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Along with dancing professionally and teaching, I love creating choreography. I’ve always been a creator and have always really enjoyed creating deep, impacting work. I value creating pieces with meaning and strong organic movement. I’ve been really blessed to have so much opportunity to create work here in Colorado; from professionally back up dancing, to gigs for weddings and modeling shows, music videos, etc. My dance company Bl!nk Modern Dance Co. focuses on the idea that there is always a bigger picture. Creating modern work has always been my favorite; as interpretation has always been my biggest fascination. In my college education, my senior thesis involved creating my own full-length show in which I portrayed Margaret Keane’s love life, Jackson Pollock's versatility, and Degas’ love for dancers. In Michigan, I choreographed a work for students based on the topic of bullying that toured to different schools in the area. I’m beyond excited to be starting my own company this year to finally start making more full-length work again.

I hope you enjoy this video of piece I choreographed for some wonderful students; Brenn, Kaleigh, Jane, and Priya and Virtuosity Dance Centre with Nick Del Luca.






















In July 2021, Gabrielle Palmatier Marshall, the wonderful Artistic Director at the amazing Evergreen School of Ballet asked me to teach a four-day Contemporary Ballet Workshop.  I would have seven young dancers (ages 10-16) for 2-1/2 hours daily to work on stretching and conditioning, teach contemporary ballet techniques, and to prepare a brief piece to perform for their parents.

Little did I expect that because of dancer illnesses, there would only be one day with all seven of them!  But these talented artists poured themselves into the work.

This video is of their in-studio performance for their parents.

As a choreographer/director, I strive to allow dancers to express what they are feeling and make them part of the creative process.  Thanks to Abigail, Alaithia, Asher, Harlee, Lizzie, Peyton, and Phin for transforming my vision into art!

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